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Hand Reared Rare Lutino Quaker Parrots For Sale Manchester

We have two Lovely Lutino Baby Quaker Parrots. Both Babies have been hand reared from as young as 14 days old and now at 12 weeks old they are fully eating and drinking independently and are ready to go to a new home. Quaker Parrots originally come in a Green Colour, with a Silver Belly. But even in the Mutation Colours, Yellow Lutino is extremely hard to find. Quakers make exceptionally great pets as they have very cuddly character which makes them great for everyone and anyone to handle including young Children as these birds also liked to be stroked. Both Babies like to get their necks tickled and their backs stroked, and also fly and happily land back on your hand. Both of our Lutino Quakers are used to vegetables and fruits and seem to love apples. Their main diet is Parakeet food which is made of the Millet and sunflower seeds to ensure the birds have a good weight. Quakers make great pets as they also have a great talking ability, many Quaker parrots are well known for their talking and do have a good ability to talk. We believe this is a perfect age to teach them tricks, and either bird has a lot of potential to please any family, that would like a fluffy yellow birdy who wants to please people.

Name: Exotic Feathers

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    Price 400.00 $
    Category Birds
    Published date November 5, 2019
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    Country Australia
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    Exotic Feathers

    Location: Manchester, Manchester, All Gippsland, Australia

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